Wednesday , March 20 2019


Geometry Terms – For Beginners and Refreshers

Hello folks! Here are some Geometry terms to help you understand geometry better. It is easy to memorize and you can print this and use as a quick guide. Hypotenuse The longest side of a right-angled triangle. The hypotenuse is also the side opposite the right angle. Infinate With no …

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Area of a Triangle

You can find the area of a triangle with a straightforward formula: ½bh (½ x base x height). But first, what are the base and height? The base(b) can be any side of a triangle, however, the height you use in the formula must start (at a right angle) from …

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Here you can learn how to find the area, circumference, arc length, sector area, radius, and diameter of a circle. The formulas are easy to follow and you’ll find them all below. As always you can use a geometry graphing calculator for this. A circle is a set of all …

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Circumference Of A Circle

Want to know how to quickly find the length all the way around a circle? All you need is the following simple formula: Circumference = Pi x Diameter Also written as πd. Or, you can use the following formula: 2πr  Because the diameter is equal to 2 x radius(2r). Now you …

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Today’s short lesson is about Triangles. Make sure you are using a graphing calculator. For more info check these graphing calculators. The 3 Sided Polygon Triangles are important geometric shapes. In short, they are polygons with three sides, three interior angles, and three vertices(corners). When labelling a triangle, you use …

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