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The Best Hot Glue Gun 2018 – Guide and Reviews

If you do a lot of arts and crafts, need to glue something together at your home or office, having a reliable hot glue gun is a luxury. You want something that is safe, easy to use and durable.

There are also glue guns that you can adjust the temperature so you can glue many different types. Find out below what is the best hot glue guns for materials like foam, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, fabric and plastic.

The 5 Best Hot Glue Guns 2018

1. BSTPOWER Glue Gun

Based on my test, the BSTPOWER is the best high temp hot glue gun for crafts or crafting. What I like about this glue gun is that it’s a hundred watts and I can change the temperature on it.

There’s a little indicator in the bottom and it has where you can do low temp at 100, 130, 160, 190 and 220. They also have increments in between. The highest temperature of this gun can get is at 220. Which makes the BSTPower

I also like that it has an indicator light. The light will turn off once the glue gun is ready. I sometimes forget that my glue gun is on and so that really stinks because I’m wasting electricity and of course wasting glue sticks

It has a really tiny fine nozzle. It works really well I don’t see it dripping out or anything like massive globs and it really has a comfortable fit in my hand. The glue gun does come with a chart which gives you a sense of which sticks need what temperature.

Overall, a really nice little glue gun. It is adjustable and you change the settings. The included little stand is really helpful so that you can set it out when you’re not using it. If you do a lot of arts and crafts in your house this really comes in handy.

2. Surebonder PRO2-100 Glue Gun

The Surebonder PRO2-100 is ideal for small output industrial applications. The PRO2-100 produces 1 gram with a single pole and over 16 grams before needing to reheat to operating temperature. It is the best hot glue gun for fabrics.

It uses standard 7/16″ glue stick. It has an on/off switch and a rubber grip. The glue gun has a 100W PTC heater which allows for a quick recovery time. This gives the user maximum adhesive output and makes it perfect for any and all industrial applications.

You can also use the glue gun to bond wood, glass or ceramic. Surebonder also offers a large array of glue guns and glue sticks manufactured in the USA.

3. CCbetter Mini Hot Glue Gun

The CCbetter Mini Hot Glue Gun is a 20-watt glue gun and comes with 25 glue sticks. That is a wonderful amount to get you started on crafting projects. It really is quite compact and light. For me, this is the best mini hot glue gun in the market.

One feature I really like about it is that it is plug and play with on and off switch. Perfect if you want to bond something really quick. It is the best for kids too!

It also comes with a stand which is really helpful and allows you to use it in any angle. The cable length is 47 inches and I think that is a pretty good length. 

4. Best Glue Gun

This is another 20-watt mini glue gun that you can use for simple projects and DIY tasks. The Best Hot Glue Gun also comes with 25 glue sticks. It is also small and light. It does have an LED notification to let the user know that the glue gun is turned on.

This cheap hot glue gun comes with a variety of safety features like internal safety fuse and smart temperature control to prevent the glue gun from overheating.

5. Blusmart 100-Watt Industrial Glue Gun

The Blusmart glue gun is a heavy-duty, high-temperature glue gun. It is also a popular choice among professionals and those who loved crafting. It heats up pretty quickly, about 3-5 minutes after turning it on. It has a tiny interchangeable nozzle that is good at getting even into the tiniest corners!

I see a lot of people using it in the woodshop and home improvement industry too. You can easily do a carpet repair and other household DIY tasks with this glue gun. This glue gun is great for industrial use too.

How to choose a glue gun


When choosing a glue gun you need to decide if you need a high temp, low temp or dual temp model.

  • High temp models – can also be used for metal, wood, glass, porcelain and other harder to bond surfaces.
  • Low temp models –  for surfaces that are affected by heat like ribbon, foam, lace and fabric.


Glue guns have a wattage ranging from 10 watts up to 600 watts. The higher wattage models can heat your glue sticks faster. The most popular for home repair, carpet repair, school projects, crafts and office use are the 100-watt glue guns.


There are two sizes of glue guns:

  • Mini glue gun – perfect for children’s projects or if you want a to glue something really quick. Kids can use them easily.
  • Full-sized glue gun – for larger projects, for industrial use and for harder to bond materials. Usually, full sized glue guns have different temperature levels.

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